Thompson Twins (mid-grade)

The Thompson Twins and the Case of the Missing Beaver Teeth

Missing museum fossils? High money donors? Preteen detectives?

The Thompson Twins are preteen detectives who have a reputation for being friendly, clever, and good at solving puzzles and mysteries. When people first meet Tony and Tina, they often ask, “How are you twins? You look nothing alike!” Depending on whose turn it is, Tony or Tina explains about fraternal twins as quickly as they can so they can get to work on the mystery. After all, they are called to solve a case, not give a science lesson! Today, they have been called to the Minnesota Science Museum to find the missing giant beaver teeth that disappeared from a new exhibit.

Learn a little history about Minnesota while you investigate along with the Thompson Twins. You will choose which clues to follow and which person to question.

See if you can find the solution before the Twins do!

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