What readers are saying:

  • "Bidding Wars is a well written, thought provoking story that while fiction, has many parallels to current and very real life topics."

  • "Voyager and Bidding Wars both come together like tight-fitting puzzles. There is no fat on the bones here."

  • "Bidding Wars needs to be read at least twice for full appreciation. The first time through, there are all of these seemingly random details that you don’t know are important until you get to the end."

  • "The book is well crafted with extremely well-written vignettes. It is a challenge, but a good and rewarding challenge."

  • "Bidding Wars includes lots of great character development and story lines that are intertwined until the very end. Could easily see this being turned into a series on Netflix to further build on the characters and plot."

  • "Michael MacBride's Voyager is one of those books that will stick with you long after you're done reading. Part space drama, part family drama, Voyager ponders big questions about the nature of our existence in a harsh universe and smaller questions about the nature of our happiness in a loving relationships. Like the best science fiction, MacBride's story proceeds from a premise that is at once fantastic and yet entirely plausible. Then it plays out, sometimes in heart-wrenching, sometimes in heart-warming ways. Is life worth living within the cold confines of eternity? Ultimately, MacBride affirms the power of love against the physics of the cosmos. "

Voyager (a novel)

On Earth, Grover Baines (a NASA scientist) is murdered in 1979 when he stumbles upon a secret third Voyager flight. Unlike the two other probes, Voyager 3 was a small manned craft loaded with reproductive material in hopes of finding a suitable planet for habitation on Alpha Centauri. The scientist's family continues to unravel clues about what happened, and whether there's any truth to the papers they discover. Years later, in 2001, a fourth Voyager is sent on the same mission. Though technology has advanced dramatically in the 24 years since the first three Voyagers were launched, this mission manages to remain secret amid the attacks on the Twin Towers. When contact is lost with Voyager 4, plans are put into motion for a 5th Voyager to retrieve its lost siblings. As NASA struggles to reconcile the past, the crews on each ship wrestle with the boredom of space and limitations of the technology available to them, and the Baines family attempts to find peace with the past.

<adult, literary, science fiction>

Bidding Wars ( a novel)

Jenny is an orphan caught in the middle of a bidding war between two clerks with ties to wealthy philanthropists, who find ways to manipulate the system through insider trading. The Market allows shares of children to be traded, where more investment provides a better opportunity for the child's future. However, you can also short a child's stock and bet on him or her failing. Because orphans are unknown commodities, they offer great risk and potential reward for savvy investors, but leave the orphans to the whims of the Market.

<adult, literary, speculative fiction>

Emergency Preparedness (short stories)

The eleven collected stories represent work beginning at as early as 1997 and as recent as 2018. It’s certainly not all inclusive of the work done during that period, but these stories share elements and themes in common. Though the stories span so many years, they share a general sense of humor, exploration of quasi-sci-fi/speculative fiction, and relationships echo through the sentences.

<adult, humor, sci-fi, speculative fiction>